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Frequently Asked Questions

Waaaait. How do I get in on the ExtremeMuscleFitness?
You join the fun by becoming a Patron right here on this page! Then you'll immediately be a part of manufacturing ExtremeMuscleFitness 🙂

Do I have any responsibilities if I join? What if I don't want to do anything but support?
Things you're required to do: None. I'm happy to keep making ExtremeMuscleFitness stuff with your silent support. You can just sit back and quietly know you're a loyal FAN. Or, you can dive into the community, get to know everyone, throw out suggestions, etc. It's totally up to you!

How many videos and photos do you release a month?
I am trying to release my archives each week and as often as I can, and making new stuff too, so this varies but the goal is weekly updates.

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Yeah totally! You can cancel or adjust your pledge at any time.

Still have questions?
You can use my "Hey Debra" contact page and Already a Patron the Contact Page!


Some FAQs

What will find in the members area?

I post videos or "video clips" and photos, these range from any where from a few seconds to several minutes or longer.

Photos and "Photo Galleries", these can be single, them galleries and these post can contain 1  to several dozen in a single post.

FAN Community - A place you can ask me stuff or just make comments and requests.(DM for Subscribers)

Hey Debra? - Subscriber Edition

Debra's Music - My playlist and FAN suggest music

Member Feed - Subscription FANs Buzz Feed

FAN Picks - tell me yours and I may post them for all subscribers

I have not made a set amount or time frame for my Photo Art works or Video Art work, as I try to make them based on many fetishes and even FAN and FAN Patron Requests. I am always open to suggestions and requests.

Dear FANs,

It's been several years now that I've been making photos and videos. And it's all possible because of you the loving community who enjoy me posing and doing other fun stuff as a woman with MUSCLES.

Creating weekly fun, takes tons of time and work. Playing, recording, mixing, lighting, video editing, tweeting, graphic designing, hilarious joke making, web coding, gym day, live show (members and booking), marketing, EVERYTHING! And I need your help to... survive.

Soooooo, as a PATRON! This is how we can keep these sweet video, photos, merchandise and more going. You can become an active supporter of my adult art! Don't you want to be the reason I'm still around? FAN patrons give me support and resources to improve & continue making my art, kicking butt videos for you all. YOU WILL BE THE REASON IT CAN HAPPEN!

SO SUBSCRIBE! Plus you'll get awesome rewards and we'll be directly communicating together.

You invest in me because you believe I can make great stuff, check out my FAN Merchandise and you can even suggest the songs and videos I do in the future! I'm pretty excited to interact to make this happen with you. Thank you so much for supporting me 🙂 It really means the world to me that I could keep making cool stuff because of you.

I heart you so hard,
xOxO Debra

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