Copyright and Content Removal

My art is copyrighted and protected. The use of any of my art to include but not limited to photo, videos, clothes of any form or derivatives is not authorized without express written permission. As such, use of such items would clearly be marked to validate the authentication and permission(digital signatures exists on most electronic forms of media). Please contact DAndrea Productions for acceptable use of such art.

If you feel someone is using my art without permission, please feel free to contact Dandrea Productions. I know there exists lots of content with me out there from either past work I have done and more often posted without permission in which I have not received any compensation for. I ask that if you have viewed or seen or even collected such works of art that you at leasts donate using any of my official sites or shops.

Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated. I am a strong believer in HTML and the intent of how HTML is open source and shared throughout the web. (I asked when appropriate please provide your reference source I will try to do the same.)


Below are a few examples of some of my Copyright seals and Logos in which I have several others.

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Content Take Down Requests

Takedown Request form access: If you feel that something on the site is not within policy guidelines, please follow and fill out the request form.

Filling this form correctly will make your take-down notice compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and allow us to address it expeditiously.
Note that the information provided in this legal notice will be forwarded to the person who provided the allegedly infringing content.