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I am a professional female muscle porn star and fitness trainer. Big clits, big nipples and my female muscle videos awaits, as well as naked muscle photos; come join the community, this is where you belong.

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As an American female bodybuilder, who has won the Bodybuilding Championship 3 years in a row between 1998 and 2000.

Debra Dandrea

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Debra Dandrea

I am creating a flavor of short films(length varies) with FAN support subscribers such as yourself. Get access to my videos, photos and FAN Merch and you select a membership level! This is were I get the incentive to keep posting content on my site and social media, I would love your support to keep posting more.

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Debra Dandrea

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I'm Debra D'Andrea, professional bodybuilder, muscle porn super star, wrestler with a big clit. As a former gymnast, woman entrepreneur, adult entertainer and fitness trainer, you will love my erotic and sensual fitness side and join the fans of women's bodybuilding and big clits.

"CUM" into my world...Discover It All!

  • Access my galleries of: Posing, Work-Outs, Worship, Nature Stuff and Domination.
  • Steamy! XXX Hardcore Muscle Fun with wrestling video clips that will make your eyes pop out!
  • The best Fem vs Fem: Down n Dirty, "Hot n Heavy" and "Buff Stuff"!


Debra Dandrea

As a member access my  images and muscle clips of sessions, exclusively here for you. Join to discover the more erotic side of me. I try to post content All The Time!


Debra Dandrea

XXX Female Muscle Porn Videos - Domination, Wrestling and Strong. Watch me Flex, Pump and play with my Naked Muscle. Fem vs Fem, down n dirty scissor hold with both the strong and the weak.


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