If you have a fetish for muscle and working out, then you will want to sty connected with me.

Follow me on social media, join my members area for exclusive content. Get on my DM list when registering your Tier Perk for qualified members to get even more personal with ME, Debra DAndrea.

I hope to add WebCam sessions as well as one on one personal training in the members area as we build our membership.  I love connecting to other people and realized a long time ago that it's through my connections with others that my life is enriched.

In the gym I feel most at home, working every muscle in by body. I like to show off what my work in the gym has produced, you can purchase my clips to add to your own fetish collection.  - Debra

XXX Female Muscle Porn Videos - Domination, Wrestling and Strong. Watch me Flex, Pump and play with my Naked Muscle. Fem vs Fem, down n dirty scissor hold with both the strong and the weak.


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Twitter Tips

Why does my phone or tablet keep asking me to run TWITTER APP

Why does my phone or tablet keep asking me to run TWITTER APP?

I am not a tech geek! Yet.

But if you don't have twitter that is fine, not need for my site. Just uninstall or disable you Twitter Phone app. This will stop that and keep the twitter links in your mobile browser. (it may create a new window or tab for your mobile browser, but it will stop prompting to open the or login to the phone app.)

xOxO Debra

Why do I only See Show Media

Why do I only See Show Media?

That is a Twitter App setting. Because I show some  sexy stuff, Twitter enables their disclaimer. Sorry I don't control that end. But you can browse the feed here w/o a twitter account and the continued login request.

Twitter Scroll Bars

If your os support show and hide scroll bars, select always show. (Assuming your mouse or finger does not show the twitter and is not allowing you to scroll down or up with in the tool.)

Show Media Button Appears

Twitters controls that randomly, some times even non sensitive media will be flag. This can also be based on the twitter setting to protect viewers.

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FAN and FAN Patrons though can schedule Live Chat with applications such as skype and whats app. See my shop for more info.

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