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A Special Event!

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With all that is going on, I am happy to try and bring you all a little celebration this 4th of July, Saturday. I want to thank Brooke aka Mrs Robinson too and all my FAN Patrons.

This event is mask optional, but if you want to send me a pic with your mask, the more fun. You can even get one of mine from my FAN Merch store, I want all my FANs to be safe this summer.



If you would like to also help sponsor this event, you can help buy purchasing this post card:

Your donation goes to supporting this event and as a bonus you will get a collectible post card:

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Event Location:

Note: Until event day, you may get access to watch some Free Previews as we continue to test my Live Stream App. If you follow me on social media, check out some post that may popup between now and then.

xOxO Debra

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