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  • Hope you enjoyed the preview. If ya missed it, well ya know were to sign up at. xOxO
    No that not a play button.😅🤣Silly, the preview is over.

  • Well, 2023 is underway. Will be add some more music picks for my Music Channel this month.🥰
    Preview: Muscle Bods

    Muscle Bods

  • So excited about 2023. If you are new and have not been able to login, please note you need to validate your registration via email. I started my social media twitter back in 2019, never saw it coming #riptwitter, so the future of it is unclear. Good news is my DebraPlus+ is also my free social media meta app. (no plugin or download required -…Read more

  • We three Nutcrackers want to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas🎁🎄🤶🏻💋😘

  • It’s morphin time. So many of my fans have seen me morph in the past. And it always been some of you TV fans who knew the iconic “Morphin Time”. So it sad to see some find that there is nothing more. Yet it seems as though with the new moving and some tour dates there was plenty still left to keep going. Thanks for being such great fans and your…Read more

  • Well you might have heard, twitter closed doors and denied access to all it’s employees. For us we have used twitter to connect with Fans. Well my DebraPlus is an extension to my site and is currently free. Although I would like you to be members of my site I do hope you enjoy my community with my lovely fans. Please be polite so I don’t have to…Read more

  • Looks like the purchase of Twitter is final. He really needs a refund and pay the return fee. It’s over priced by 44 billion. Hey Fans don’t miss a beat, join my community in Debraplus+ if you find yourself locked out of twitter you can always keep up with Me and Fans here.

  • We has all the water gone?

  • I don’t know what I do if I saw a #ufo.🛸

    I would think maybe I would give the a double bicep flex pose #ufosighting so they can take a picture to send back home to where every they are from.

    My impression of 👽. What do you think?🤣 I know you want to like and comment, while you at it, check out my links. xOxO

  • Hey fans, thank you for your support this month. I know some of your comic book geeks love your green heroes.

  • If you notice my free site has a new look. I am still doing a few changes this month. I truly hope you will support me in my subscribers area. Do to high prices and such I created a new stimulus package, but you can still set your own price.

  • I been shadow banned by instagram and for what? Here the image I posted in full and the IG version had no gluteus showing.

  • I loved your photos when competing, do you have any photos like this one?

  • Enjoy a preview from my Guard House Gallery.

  • Added more to subscribers area, free area is a bit behind, but thanks for your support. xOxO

  • Can you believe it, Only Fans blocked my poster. They cannot provide any details. The only feedback from support I get is the link to policy. They will not even tell me the number in the policy it violates. They keep closing issue too, when it not resolved and then the deleted the file and said they can answer because it was deleted by them. They…Read more

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