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Project: Member Funded Video

Project Announcement: March 29, 2019 on Twitter

Fan Fantasy, be a part of my short film. This is a fundraiser to help me continue to bring fun stuff to OUR members area.

Help Create a TITLE of the film.
Get Executive Producer(EP) Credit in the Credits.
Even suggest a scene which might be included.

Project Goals: (subject change based on funds)

50 EPs would be great!

Creative short film - 10 to 30min (standard for creative works may be longer)
Original Music Score
Fan Created Scene

Project Release Date: TBD

I have not listed a release date as this will depend on the fundraiser.

Continue to check back here to this page for more.

Alternate Donations: If you use Twitter DM for more information, or use the contact form on the site.


Fundraiser Short Film

With your support and patreon memberships we can have more great fun! Thank you xOxO

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