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Economic Stimulus: During these times, I am making my work available to all from 0.05 cents a day up to 3.00 $USD a day. You get to pick. While we all enjoy muscle and sexy muscle, I want to make your time with me fun. I have a few items in my FAN Patron Area such as:

  • Debra's Music
  • Season 1 Videos(Clips)
  • Members Feed
  • The Community
  • Debra's FAN picks
  • Member Version: Hey Debra?

I am keeping the site "AD FREE" and you should not be getting spam or spam popups, if you are let me know. I have more features I would like to add and with your support I can continue to make this happen. I am adding more photos and videos each Month(days/weeks)

It's been several years I've been making photos and videos. It's all possible because of you, the loving community who enjoy me posing and doing other fun stuff as a woman with MUSCLES.

Creating weekly fun, takes tons of time and work. Playing, recording, mixing, lighting, video editing, tweeting, graphic designing, hilarious joke making, web coding, gym day, live show (members and booking), marketing, EVERYTHING! And I need your help to... survive.

xOxO Debra

Project: FAN Patron Subscribe Fundraiser

Project Announcement: April 26, 2020 on Twitter

Fan Fantasy, be a part of my short films. This is a fundraiser to help me continue to bring fun stuff to OUR members area.

  1. Help Create a TITLE of the film.
  2. Get Executive Producer(EP) Credit in the Credits.
  3. Even suggest a scene which might be included.
  4. Get on my DM list for social media so as not to get lost in the crowd.

Project Goals: (100 subscribers - Fan Patrons)

Alternate Donations: Use the contact form on the site.(Hey Debra?)


If you are a current EP Member or Past EP member patreon, I am so grateful for you support and continued support. We have now open up the the form for you to submit your chance to Create the Title and a Scene in the short film.

Title & Scene will be part of a vote or random drawing, with additional credit given in the credits.

You can also support me by shopping the FAN Merch Store, My Clips Store and (new)Shop digital downloads store.

Fundraiser Short Film

With your support and patreon memberships we can have more great fun! Thank you xOxO

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